Miappmaker Mobile App Making Service in Michigan
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Miappmaker is a mobile app making system located in southeast Michigan. Our app solutions to build, publish and host your app. We upload to the AppStore, Google play and Amazon Kindle. MAB builds apps in your favorite platform, iOS, Android or Kindle. We convert it to all platforms for you.

How it works: 1. Select a plan. 2. Pick a template. 3. Edit your App. 4. Publish your app. Simple as that. MAM holds your hand through out the build and publish process. We show you how to collect and input the information you need to get your apps through the review process.

Control Panel


Configure all your settings in one place - your Publisher Dashboard. Includes page, navigation, application settings and design properties. This is where you trick out your mobile app(s). Includes 'style' 'html' and a 'wysiwyg content' editors.

Web Apps


Creating Web applications requires different approaches than traditional applications. Making apps involves the integration of numerous technologies. You get all the technology you need to build and publish your app in one place.

world map


Use the content management system (CMS) to push updates to your customers devices instantly. Send notifications of new and updated content, special offers or upcoming events. Design and publish tools make going live easy.

email support


Want to integrate your email with another popular email system such as YMail, or Google Mail? No problem! We support IMAP, POP & SMTP, to route emails through other programs. Send and recieve emails through your mobile app.

Turnkey Solutions


We work with you to get what you want. Need a special page? Let us know and we build it for you. Mix and match pages from different templates. 100% support during the build and publish process

Traffic Counter


Know exactly how many people are visiting your website with a reliable Visitor Counter. Keep track of how many guests have been to your website. Use the geopolitical data to target your audience.

Request a Consultation

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Use this form to contact us. Use to request information about building a new app or getting support for and existing app. You information is totally secure. We will only use it to contact you regarding to inquiry.

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So, why MiAppBuild? Because we have all-inclusive solutions and unbeatable value
Other companies promise cheap apps, but then charge extra for fees.

What's inside MiAppBuild

Apple and Android
  • Templates - all kinds of templates. We have something for everything. Blank templates, estores, political capaigns, Taxi cab, and the list goes on.
  • Content Management Editor - easy to use app editor guides you through all building, styling and publishing processes.
  • Cross Platform Apps - When you create an app for one platform MiAppBuild allows you to convert it to other platforms (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle) in one simple step (excludes basic or single app subscription).
  • Features include: GPS positioning, PDF display, social media connections, calender with appointments, create and organize notes to name a few. Please see the features page to see all we offer.