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Tim KoenMiAppMaker is a mobile app building service in southeast Michigan. Having worked in the automotive industry for many years I have learned that, as the car companies go, so goes the economy. Everybody is looking for good times in their life.

MiAppMaker features high-end, low-cost solutions for small businesses who need mobile device apps for todays business world. MAM app building solutions are for you

My name is Tim Koen. I will be your host, guide and support team for using the app editor (with subscription). I am 59 years old and want to run my own business before I retire. I promise to do my best, otherwise I will have to work for someone else. Being near that 60ish age most companies won't hire me permanently.

Among many talents I have been a design engineer for over 20 years. I will use that experience to help you manage your projects, create new content, collect and analyse data.

For the last 13 years I have been accepting project work as an electrical engineer as my career of choice. I have helped many business start-ups get going as part of my contract duties. I will use those skills to help you through the design, build and publish phases of your project.

Since 2006 I have and helped people build their own websites. I learned how to do this because it is work that can be done from home. OK, my secret is out. I am a one-man (for now) band playing many roles. For you that means I will transfer that knowledge into your app.

Skills and abilities include: webmaster, html & css editor, website and mobile app builder, design engineer, AutoCAD expert, electrical engineer, winning go-kart racer.

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