Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a mobile App?
A: That all depends on YOUR needs. A mobile can do many things in todays modern world of communications. Most importantly it uses the world wide web in combination with native applications already on your smartphone or tablet.

Todays smartphones and tablets offer inherent powerful communications tools. Accessing these tools specific to your customers, clients, friends, family and potential or repeat customers can keep them in the loop with your business, sell stuff online, give away loyalty coupons and more.

What makes MiAppBuild the right source for my app building needs?
A: MiAppBuild offers a turnkey solution for building mobile apps. You can build, test and publish all your apps from one platform. We have obtained all the licensing agreements you need to get your app published in all the App stores.

Building your app is the easy part, MAB has hundreds of template and custom built pages you can choose from. You can preview and test your app before publishing it. Once you publish, MAB will host and maintain your app for a small monthly fee. Doing all this on your own is very time consuming and requires knowledge of coding, graphic art and Internet technical expertise. If you have all that you can create your app and purchase it for a one time fee.

How do I get Technical Help?
A: The best way is to use the Contact Us form. Please describe your problem or error and email it to me. Please include screenshots if applicable. You can also visit my support site. Or if it is really urgent please call me on the number on the page below. I check my email periodically and will get back to you as soon as I can.