Mobile App Features

We have a lot of mobile app features. While these examples show most of our prominent features, they are not all we have. You can mix and match them in your mobile app any way you want. Use these features you want in your app.
Image GRID Display Menu GPS Directions Web Feedback Form Image Montage Display
Images are displayed in a grid format with see through titles. Each image grind links to an individual page. Shows users current location and directions to specific location on an interactive map. Configurable form that can send images date, time, and GPS locations. Display thumbnail images. Preview and slide photos. Create your own photo gallery.

Facebook Calender PDF Audio and Video
Login into your Facebook via your app and share page content. Develop a calendar with event reminders. Upload your own book and create your own pdf book application to sell in the app store. Upload custom Audio and Video to you application for your users to watch and listen to.

Twitter Newsstand Publishing QR Codes Youtube
Integrate Twitter allows you to tweet right through your app. Create your own app that can be published in Newsstand. Scan and Create your own QR Codes.Great for loyalty and discount programs. Link to your own YouTube channels and integrate YouTube videos inside your application.

Memory Game Puzzles RSS Feed SMS App
Create your own custom memory game, using your own images! Create your own puzzles with your own images. The Puzzle randomly cuts and places them on the page. Users can then drag and drop them into the correct order. RSS Feed converter that will display on a mobile platform. Make SMS messages which application owners can send to contacts.