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Our apps plans and prices in detail. Which one is right for you?

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    • Create 1 apps / platforms
    • 1 update / Month
    • Push Notifications
    • InApp Purchase
    • Publisher Accounts
    Best for: One Platform
    $100 one-time setup fee.
    Basic Plan $14.99/mo. flag-tail
  • Enterprise
    • Create 2 apps / platforms
    • 2 update / Month
    • Push Notifications
    • InApp Purchase
    • Publisher Accounts
    Best for: Two Platforms
    $100 one-time setup fee.
    enterprise Plan $24.99/mo. flag-tail
  • PLUS
    • Create 3 apps / platforms
    • 3 updates / Month
    • Push Notifications
    • InApp Purchase
    • Publisher Accounts
    Best for: Smaller Businesses
    $100 one-time setup fee.
    Plus Plan $34.99/mo. flag-tail
    • Create 5 apps / platforms
    • 5 updates / Month
    • Push Notifications
    • InApp Purchase
    • Publisher Accounts
    Best for: Bigger Businesses
    $100 one-time setup fee. Premium Plan $56.99/mo.
    • Unlimited apps / platforms
    • Unlimited updates / Month
    • Push Notifications
    • InApp Purchase
    • Publisher Accounts
    Best for: Multiple Apps/Projects
    $100 one-time setup fee. Business Plan $146.99/mo.

Which Mobile App Plan Is Right For You

MAB example
Which mobile app plan is right for you? That depends upon your specific needs. There is a method I use to help determine which app plan is right. Like This; People/Platforms/Projects

Choosing an app plan is easy. First estimate how many users (people) you think you may use your app. Second determine how many platforms you need to publish on. Third estimate how many projects you want.

  • First; how many users do you want to get? This is determined by the target audience you are aiming for. If your taget audience is a small group that all have the same mobile device then one app is right for you. If you are trying to reach a larger audience that uses multiple platforms then you need at least 3 platforms (iPhone, iPad and Android).

  • Second; how many platforms (App Stores) do you want to publish on? There are 5 major platforms at the time of this writing. They are iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Web App. If your project is expected to go big then you will want all 5 platforms.

  • Third; how many projects and updates do you want to do? Each plan has a specified amount of updates you can do per month. These updates are limited for several reasons. It takes time and effort to get apps approved in the App Stores. You want to get it right before you publish ).

    Choose Miappmaker to publish your app, we will ensure your app works perfectly before publishing to the App Stores. This requires finesse, technology and workmanship.

    Want More Apps? If you want to do more than 1 project, and more than 5 updates/mo. then you want the business app plan. Lets say you plan on publishing 2 or more projects on all 5 platforms. The math would be 2 projects x 5 platforms = 10 apps. In this case you want unlimited apps and unlimited updates.

    Mobile App Plan Details

    Basic plan: includes 1 mobile device app and 1 update/mo. This is ideal for the personal or small business app. Suppose you need to keep your team or family connected. Use all the functions in your smartphone all in one app.

    Plus Plan: includes 3 mobile device apps and 3 updates/mo. This is ideal for larger groups that use multiple smartphone and tablet platforms. With iPad, iPhone and Android you get all the mobile devices except Kindle and Web Apps.

    Enterprise Planstrong> for 2 apps. Most apps get published in 2 versions. One for each of the most popular app platforms. Those are the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). For the most platform coverage and least cost get this plan.

    Premium Plan: includes 5 mobile device apps and 5 updates per month, including Kindle an Web Apps. This plan is ideal for businesses the want to sell products or do in-app purchases. We have pre-made templates for several business models. Including ,pizzaria, taxi-cab. church to eStore, eBook and product sellers.

    Business Plan: includes unlimited apps and updates. This plan is ideal for multiple projects from large businesses to web app developer.

    Starter Application Templates

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